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About AcquaMed™ Technologies

AcquaMed™ Technologies is committed to providing and producing high quality dental products designed with the patient in mind. AcquaMed™ is an ideal choice to prevent post-treatment sensitivity and maintain patient comfort. This includes restorative as well as whitening treatments. Our goal is to help you improve your patients’ smiles without the discomfort that today’s cosmetic dental procedures may produce. With AcquaMed™, you can perform many cosmetic and restorative procedures on your patients’ smiles without the pain.

Whitening and Restorative Products from AcquaMed™ Technologies

AcquaSeal™ Benz

Benzalkonium Chloride Formula Soft tissue friendly with no tanning agents
Treats Sensitivity within seconds Immediate pain relief
Lasts up to three months for cervical applications
and for the life of restorative procedures
A long lasting solution to a common problem
Evaluated and tested by prominent clinicians
and teaching institutes
Proven effectiveness
Aqueous solution No film thickness
Acts as a wetting agent Eliminates technique sensitivity
Consistent results Increased patient satisfaction
Desensitizing swabs in 12 or 36 ct. packs Ideal single use delivery for hygiene and whitening procedures
10ml bottle For restorative procedures

AcquaBrite™ – Brighter with NO sensitivity

AcquaBrite™ will give your patients a brighter smile with virtually NO sensitivity! AcquaBrite™ should now be your only choice for whitening. Without the use of special equipment or an external light source, AcquaBrite™ can brighten your patients’ smiles up to six shades at chairside—with NO post-whitening sensitivity!

The AcquaBrite™ system has been specially formulated to reduce sensitivity during and after the bleaching process. The AcquaBrite™ Deep Bleaching system is so effective that it will even whiten tetracycline stained teeth and can be achieved with little to no sensitivity at all.

Desensitizes at chairside as quickly as 30 seconds Increased patient comfort and satisfaction
No external light activation necessary Eliminates the necessity and expense of any
When during whitening procedures special, expensive equipment
No Dental Dam necessary Eliminates time consuming chairside application
Consistent results Increased patient satisfaction

Whitening Product Lines

Chairside – 9% Chemically accelerated HP
Daytime take home – 16% accelerated CP Accelerated whitening in 1 hour per day
Nighttime take home - sustained release Overnight whitening with little to no sensitivity
Deep Bleaching System Premier whitening protocol

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