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AcquaMed™ Technologies, Inc. offers products tooth sensitivity relief, as well as deep tooth bleaching kits. Designed for use in the dental office or at home, our products make tooth whitening simple and painless.

About AcquaMed™ Technologies, Inc.

At AcquaMed™ Technologies, Inc., we are committed to providing high quality dental products to prevent post-treatment sensitivity and maintain patient comfort. We are here to help you improve your patients' smiles.

Tooth Sensitivity Relief after Bleaching / Whitening – Desensitizing Swabs from AcquaSeal&™

AcquaSeal™ desensitizing swabs and liquid are effective for tooth sensitivity relief after whitening and deep tooth bleaching procedures, before and after restorative treatments, and for hygienic applications that may result in patient dentin sensitivity.

Tooth Sensitivity Relief – AcquaSeal™ Oral Hygiene Applications

Dentin sensitivity often prevents people from visiting their dentists regularly. If you are interested in tooth sensitivity relief during oral hygiene procedures such as professional teeth cleanings, consider treatment with AcquaSeal™.

Wet, Resin Based Tooth Bonding – AcquaSeal™ Restorative Dentistry Applications

If you are a dental professional who would like to reduce tooth sensitivity during restorative procedures, consider AcquaSeal™. Effective for wet, resin based bonding and other temporary and permanent restorative treatments, AcquaSeal™ is safe and affordable.

Tooth Sensitivity Relief After Whitening and Deep Tooth Bleaching – AcquaSeal™

AcquaSeal™ tooth desensitizer is a safe, affordable way to provide tooth sensitivity relief after whitening and deep tooth bleaching procedures. Available as single-dose swabs and as a bottled liquid, AcquaSeal™ can help you maintain your patients’ comfort during and after teeth whitening.

After Whitening Tooth Sensitivity – AcquaSeal™ FAQs

If your patients experience after-whitening tooth sensitivity, AcquaSeal™ can help you provide relief so they can enjoy bright, pain-free smiles. We have provided frequently asked questions for doctors to learn more about AcquaSeal™ tooth desensitizer.

Deep Bleaching and AcquaBrite™ for Tooth Whitening

Our Deep Bleaching tooth whitening technology can help you achieve dramatically whiter teeth for your patients without after-bleaching tooth sensitivity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Deep Tooth Bleaching Products

Choose AcquaMed™ Technologies, Inc. for professional products to dramatically whiten teeth. Our Deep Bleaching technology is safe, effective, and won’t cause tooth sensitivity for your patients. Frequently asked questions are provided to give you more information on Deep Bleaching and its powerful results.

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Dentists and patients are encouraged to contact AcquaMed™ Technologies, Inc. to learn more about our deep tooth bleaching products and formulas for tooth sensitivity relief.


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