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Tooth Sensitivity Relief – Stop Dentin Sensitivity during Oral Hygiene Procedures

If you or your patients experience dentin sensitivity during oral hygiene procedures, AcquaSeal™ desensitizing swabs and liquid can help make any routine dental treatment more comfortable. Our advanced formula provides tooth sensitivity relief during oral hygiene treatments, and the effects last for months afterward.

AcquaSeal™ for Basic Oral Hygiene

Many people suffer from persistent dentin sensitivity, which can interfere with several aspects of their daily lives. Whether it limits the types of food and drink one can enjoy, or it keeps a person from visiting the dentist regularly, tooth sensitivity relief is a real concern. AcquaSeal™ can help treat dentin sensitivity while at the dental office and prevent pain and irritation from returning for months.

Although it is recommended that people visit the dentist for a thorough teeth cleaning at least twice a year, dentin sensitivity keeps many patients from making regular appointments with their dentists. Calculus, also known as tartar or plaque, builds up around the teeth and below the gums no matter how thoroughly a person may brush. During routine visits, the dentist or hygienist cleans these areas by scraping away built-up plaque from various areas of the teeth. AcquaSeal™ liquid and desensitizing swabs provide tooth sensitivity relief when people need it most – during oral hygiene procedures – so that future periodontal issues are prevented during regular, painless visits to the dentist.

AcquaSeal™ for Class 5 Lesions and Root Exposures

If you are using AcquaSeal™ to prevent dentin sensitivity during class 5 lesion or root exposure treatments, follow these helpful tips:

  1. Pumice area to be applied. This removes the pellicle layer on the tooth that would hinder penetration of AcquaSeal™ into the dentin tubules. Acid etching can also be employed to remove the pellicle layer; however this would be extremely painful to a sensitive patient.
  2. Apply AcquaSeal™ to area. A cotton pellet can be used; however, a micro brush or sable brush is better. Cotton pellets can leave fibers in the area.
  3. Burnish AcquaSeal™ into treatment area for 20 seconds.
  4. Repeat application and burnishing two to three more times.
  5. Air dry.
  6. Tooth sensitivity relief should be immediate and last for approximately six to nine months. Application of occluding agents should only last one month, and require patient compliance to be successful.

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If you would like more information about AcquaSeal™ for tooth sensitivity relief during oral hygiene procedures, contact AcquaMed™ Technologies, Inc. today. Our desensitizing swabs and professional-strength liquid treat dentin sensitivity to promote patient comfort and satisfaction.

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If you or your patients experience dentin sensitivity during oral hygiene treatments, try AcquaSeal™ for tooth sensitivity relief.