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AcquaSeal™ Desensitizer – End Teeth Sensitivity after Bleaching, Hygienic, and Restorative Procedures

Our family of AcquaSeal™ desensitizers includes formulations for restorative and hygiene applications, as well as for teeth sensitivity after bleaching and whitening procedures. No matter what treatment your patients may need, you can feel confident that our AcquaSeal™ desensitizers will keep your patients comfortable before, during, and after their visit.

The AcquaSeal™ Benz formulation is soft-tissue friendly and comes in bottles for restorative work and convenient one-dose desensitizing swabs for hygiene procedures, including pre and post-planning and scaling, pre and post-whitening treatments, and with any patients who experience teeth sensitivity.

AcquaSeal™ for Oral Hygiene

AcquaSeal, with its soft-tissue friendly formulation, is ideal for reducing sensitivity during oral hygiene procedures. Our desensitizing swabs are effective and easy-to-use before and after intensive cleaning procedures. Learn more about tooth sensitivity relief for oral hygiene applications.

AcquaSeal™ for Restorative Treatments

AcquaSeal™ reduces dentin hypersensitivity in all restorative procedures. Additionally, clinical studies on AcquaSeal™ demonstrate compatibility with most dentin bonding systems. Find details about how to reduce tooth sensitivity during restorative treatments with AcquaSeal™.

AcquaSeal™ for Teeth Bleaching

AcquaSeal™ desensitizing swabs have proven to be effective in diminishing teeth sensitivity after whitening and bleaching procedures. Convenient dosing makes AcquaSeal™ a premier choice for cosmetic, restorative, and general dentists. Learn more about AcquaSeal™ for tooth sensitivity after whitening and bleaching.

AcquaSeal™ FAQs

AcquaSeal™ uses advanced chemistry so it is effective for numerous restorative, cosmetic, and hygienic uses. Learn more about how AcquaSeal™ works on our frequently asked questions page.

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If you are interested in ordering AcquaSeal™ liquid or desensitizing swabs for restorative treatments and teeth sensitivity after whitening and bleaching procedures, contact AcquaMed™ Technologies, Inc. today.

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If you would like to learn more about our AcquaSeal™ desensitizing swabs and liquid for teeth sensitivity after bleaching and whitening procedures, contact us today.